Jusbcuz Dezins

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Out For Business !

I have a going out for business campaign on right now. As I have stated before my cookie jars/lids are my number one sellers, I have over 60 lids at this time to choose from and I am adding new lids all the time, I have been painting for about 25 or more years and I still loving to paint. My cookie jars and lid bundles are in my opinion the best gift you can give to someone. I make up a gift bag that includes a large glass cookie jar filled with goodies set inside a cellophane bag that has shredded paper in the bag the jar comes with one lid and then I add around the jar 3 different lids, I tie the bag with appropriate ribbon and then I give it as a wedding present for family and friends. This costs around $90.00, however it makes a fantastic gift, and it looks very impressive. You can check out the bundles I have on my web site that I do the same way as the wedding gifts, they run $38.99 with just one lid they also make great gifts. Then on a smaller scale I also offer the same way Small glass candy jars with one lid and they run $18.99. Check us out at www.jusbcuzdezins.com click on the gifts button for the candy jars and the cookie jars button for the large cookie jar bundles. All of these gifts are great for teachers, christmas, birthdays ect.
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