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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being Thankful

First off I want to say how very grateful I am for my family especially my kids. They are all doing their own thing going their own way and yet they still have time weekly to call or txt or stop by to visit myself and their dad. Our year started out with sickness in the family and then funerals, I just stop to count the blessings I have been given even in times when things just seem to pile up.
I have the most special grandchildren of all. Jason has Lexus,Madison,Shayla and Alex. Dawn has Drake, McKenzie, Austyn and Lyric. Brett has Daniel, Brandon, Mike, Tylar, Bailey and Kevin. Mallorie has Stetson, Daxton, Harley,Haley and Karlee. Dusty has Roslyn, Stella and Kaden .So you can see I have quit a few blessings. I can't forget the spouse's of my kids Kim, Joyce, Joe, Jason M and Katina.
I believe that even through the times of adversity and hardship's you can still plug along and find good. I have a great business going, my husband has a good job and things just keep getting better as the month goes on.
I have go to say that I am Truly Blessed.
I hope everyone has a great year
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