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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Color Me Impressed !

I am here today to say "Color Me Impressed" I have been checking out blogs about creative people and I have found some very awesome site's and some very talented people out there.
I just want to say Kudos to all creative people every where !
I myself was born into a family where crafting was almost a way of life. My Mother ,and grandmothers on both my mother and fathers sides were very creative in so many many ways.
So I grew up crafting all the time myself. I have always used my painting as a stress relief and it really works. I just put on my music and get into the zone and paint and create.
I am hoping to connect with creative people, and share your talents and links. I believe we are so blessed to have the internet to be able to share across the great universe of ours.
I want to leave today by asking you to check out the link I have added here http://distressedstamper.blogspot.com and I hope you will leave your comments for my painted projects as well. I love hearing from you.
Tip of the day :
To get a perfect smooth surface for painting on wood, sand wood with a piece of brown paper bag :0)
" Creative people are Rarely Tidy " is what I always say !
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