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Friday, April 2, 2010

Color me Impressed+Update+Techinques

To add another tip for painting brushes can be very expensive, and your painting is only as good as your brushes are, that being said how do you take care of you brushes I mean cleaning and storing them. Ok my brushes here are well used, it's time to down grade and get new ones the handles on these leave a lot to be desired. Am I right. My brushes have to many hours of use to count. Even so I take very good care of the bristles, there is nothing that makes me more angry when painting than a bad brush :0(
I have 2 photos of my painting area on a project I was just finishing up.
You see my paint towel all covered in paint, my brushes a complete mess.
My brushes are soaking in a bowl of rubbing alcohol.
I use rubbing alcohol(in a glass bowl) to clean my brushes in between different colors of paint.
first rinse them in water, then the alcohol. When you are all finished painting like you see I finished the frog, rinse your brushes completely in water then clean them in the rubbing alcohol work them in a back and forth motion in the palm of your hand. Trying not to strain or mess up the bristles. then as you can see I store my in side a cup or jar bristles up obviously to keep the ends perfect.
Happy Painting !
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