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Friday, April 23, 2010

Twitter/Facebook Promotion/Challenge

Promotion/ Challenge

I believe it's safe to say,that we all have at least 1common goal in the world.
I believe that goal is to suceed

Am I close?

We may have others goals as well, but I really believe we all want to be
happy and successful.
What ever our individual wants and needs are.

So here is the challenge ! April 26th - April 28th 2010

Wither you own and business or not does not matter, I want to start something like a snowball effect (you no the snowball starts out small and gets bigger :0).

So I challenge you all to pick a minimum of 5 people, every day for a week promote that person by
putting there links to facebook fan pages, twitter, myspace, blogs, southern belle marketing, nings, etc. (I think you get the point) Remember a you don't have to be a business owner to participate, we all want to succeed.

Now if you choose to accept my challenge :0)
After the challenge has ended !
email me at crzyldee06@yahoo.com the number of people you are promoting and where you promote them at. (the links -twitter etc)
The promoter that has the most promo tee's wins a FREE from me

$18.99 value which is

Small glass penny candy jar, filled with treats, has a wood hand painted lid, comes in a cellophane gift bag tied with a fabric bow :0)( photo attached)

Good Luck and I hope we get this SNOWBALL HUGH ! April 26th- April 28th
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