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Monday, May 10, 2010

4 Painting tips for Antique Milk Cans+Hobby+Crafts

Did you know to paint on an old milk can all you have to do to prepare the surface for painting is these easy steps
#1 wash the entire can with soapy water
#2 wipe down the can with rubbing alcohol
(this will remove any residue on the can that may prevent the paint from sticking)
#3 Spray or brush a rust preventer on the can
#4 Spray the can with a background color before you paint your design on the can

I will add some cans I have painted(not all milk cans)For you to get an idea of what I have done.
I want to share with you the spray paint used on the skull can was a textured black paint, so it isn't a smooth surface.

When I decide on what I want to paint on the can, I decide the background color.
I use craft acrylic paint to paint all of my cans.

when you paint you need to allow the paint to dry for a few days between coats of paint, some of the techniques I use tend to rub the paint away if I don't wait.(like dry brushing for highlights)
Then when you have finished all of the designs you want on the can, I spray usually with a flat or matte finish spray to protect my designs.
I sell all of my cans I paint.
I do consider trades as well.
If you love painting and have not tried painting on a can, you should give it a try, it's challenging and very fun. When you have finished you can see a wonderful piece that is nice for any garden, stoop, decoration and so on.
you can see or purchase any of these cans @
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