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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picnic Time Summer Fun !

I love having cook outs and picnic during the summer time.
So I have created two cook out picnic helpers
First is a Wood hand painted tray that you can use to carry all of your picnic supply's on. Treated so if you spill you can still wife clean(NOT FOOD SAFE)you would just use for carrying the necessary picnic gear.
Wood serving tray
hand painted for a picnic
with mustard,ketchup and hotdog
have cute face's
hotdog is holding silverware in his hands
tray vary's appx. size 11" x 14"
$ 35.95
The other is a Hamburger Paper plate holder, This very cute hamburger has a face, pickles,cheese,ketchup,mustard he is holding his utensils ready to go.(Plates Included)
Picnic paper plate holder
very cute non fattening "Hamburger"
holding silverware in his hands
matches the wood picnic serving tray
Brighten up your outdoor picnic's with these cute pieces
Includes 1 pkg. paper plates
hand painted original designs
$ 25.99
These are great party and picnic designs for your summer fun get togethers !
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