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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need to vent+Yikes+Dogs+Neighbors !

Ok I just need to vent vent vent here !
I want to say I love animals, Animals however sweet, cute, cuddly what ever still have their place.
They are animals !
I have had my share of dogs and cats throughout my life. At the moment however I have none.
I have neighbors that are OMG so completely oblivious to anyone around them that it's so mind numbing.
Ok here is my gripe !
My neighbors are family members(not by choice either way) but none the less family.
When my kids were home growing up we had a dog and cats and so did the aforementioned neighbors .
But here is the kicker, Our pets were not allowed to bark, roam, visit or whatever>
The city has and my all means should have rules about animals roaming free. I agree 100%, on the other hand if your neighbors are always yelling at you and I quote " Shut that dam dog up" what would you do?
My dog had to be chained up because he would roam around town pissing people off, or if he was tied up , would howl every time a train would pass by(which was every 20 min)and then the said neighbors would call at 3:00am and on and on to tell us "Shut that dam dog up, so we was between a rock and a hard spot. As you can see.
They had a dog that barked at the end of a chain 24 7's and get this even if we was in our own yard.
So we decided the best choice for us was to let the dog roam town.
Not a good choice, because the city picked up our dog and put him to sleep.
Now you are probably thinking and the point is what !
Well here is the point years later the same neighbors, now have 2 dogs they allow to roam and bark and so on , I guess you are getting the picture.
So I had to call the city and say please tell them to keep the dogs out of my yard !
Well needless to say they are just shocked that I can't explain to them as to why I am so pissed off !
You do the math it does not take a rocket scientist to know that you can't be a bitch to your neighbors and expect that they will treat you any different !
Family or not
Respect is earned not given and certainly not without you get what you give.
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