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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Penny Candy Cookie Jar/ Lids

These are penny Candy Jars with hand painted wood lids***
All are original designs drawn by Ed Harris****
The jar is a small glass jar filled with treats, inside a cellophane gift bag, with shredded paper crimps 1 hand painted lid and then tied with a fabric bow to match the lid
Treats will vary in all of the jars.
I sell these for $20.99 plus shipping. They make great inexpensive gifts for anyone.
teachers, friends, family, baby showers, weddings etc.
I hand paint each lid and then they are sprayed with gloss finish spray so they can be wiped off, if need.
I have more to chose from if you go to http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com there you can see all of the lids I have.
I take a great deal of pride in the products I mail out so you can rest assured that you will get what you order, and each paid order comes with a "FREE" fridge magnet as well.
Feel free to leave me ant comments you might have and also check out my website for other Country Crafts and Gifts
I wish you all a great week and I hope you check back with us often


Holly Renee said...

How cool! I love the detail you put into them. They are so unique and well done!

Jusbcuz Dezin said...

I wanted to thank you Holly for the comment, I really enjoy putting as much detail as I can into each item I paint.
It makes them come alive, in my opinion.
Glad you enjoyed.
Have a great day