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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Unique People Individuality Blessings

starting off with a Power Thought Card
by Louise L. Hay
"I trust my inner wisdom"
"As I go about my daily affairs, I listen to
my own guidance.
My intuition is always
on my side.
I trust it to be there
at all rimes
I am Safe"
I struggled with a title for the post, but I believe this 1 works !

Do you ever have a desire to read and learn about The Power of Positive Thinking and a positive way to live your life ?
I do I am a true believer, that if we think positive and not negative we reap the same...On the other hand I also believe that if we are not thinking positive we also reap the same...
There is so so many wonderful articles and powerful information out there in the world that can help us to stay Positive, Loving, Caring, Giving individuals.

I also believe that if all of the world could pull together at the same time, amazing miracles could and do happen.
If we put out garbage everyday, then garbage is what we get back.
So with that said I am trying in my own little life to see the good in every situation.
I love reading Louise L Hay material, she is so up lifting and you just feel good reading and thinking on a positive note.
I also Love reading Og Mandino books, they are so so wonderful, if you haven't had a chance to read those books I suggest you get one and read.
My favorite is "The Choice"
I read it over and over, in fact I have had to buy it twice. LOL
I have been married to my best friend now for 37 years and we have 5 grown children and 23 grand-children, we have always taught our kids, that this world of ours has so many many wonderful opportunity's, and that they can become anything that want to be.Or to do anything they want to do.
We raised them to know right from wrong, and to be good people. We also taught them to be strong proud individuals, standing up for their rights and beliefs.

I have often wondered what our world would be like if we all were the same, I know boring huh,
We all have been blessed with so many wonderful gifts and talents, that it would be a shame if we were all alike.
I know that I don't want to learn how to fix the plumbing in my home, so I am truly grateful for those that can do that. I appreciate them immensely.
That goes for every occupation out there.
I was brought up in a home where it was normal to be creative, so that is what my specialty is and if you needed something that you could not do yourself, I would be happy to create that for you.
My dad is very good at restoring old cars to their original condition, I know I can't do that, and there are so many people out that that appreciate the fact that someone knows how to do that.
I don't want to ramble on and on about how we are all needed in different ways.
I just want to share with everyone, that we all bring a great deal of Uniqueness, and Individuality to the table..
Be considerate of others, pay compliments to those around you, be appreciative of all we have...This world of ours works on vibration and if we could all just be vibrating on a positive, just think how wonderful life could be.
We never know what life has in store for us, and we all need our talents, to provide for our basic needs.
Well I don't know if you will agree with my ramblings or not, but I just love to share how I am thinking and I hope if you have any imput you will share it with my readers.

I hope we all vibrate as a Unique group of People searching for the same goal of world peace and Individuality

Have an Awesome Day !
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