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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tole Painted Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming fast...
We have decide to just list a few Christmas Gift Ideas that we have...
All are Tole Painted, That would make Great Gifts for Family and Friends
We have Teachers Gift that are Pencil's that can be personalized with
Teacher's name, Apple's that hang from twisted wire...What a great way for your
child to show their Teacher how much they have enjoyed their class room...

For Grandparents & Parents we have Refrigerator Magnets...We have Grandkids that love cutting, drawing, painting Etc. just to hang their work on the fridge, so we have created a few magnets for them to hang their art work
Set includes : scissors, pencil, glue, crayons & paint brush...You can see in
our photo the art work of one of the many covering our fridge at all times.

We also have a Canvas Tole Painted
Tween Girl Gift Jar
What little girl wouldn't "LOVE"
this small glass candy jar filled
with hair bands,lip smackers,2 pr socks and clips
We are so excited about this cute addition to our product line
comes with a black and white Kitten tole painted with pink patches
flower embellishments on her head
and and cat button for flower center
she has a pink wood knob nose
How pretty and pink
$ 24.95

We also have a very nice wood plate...
Tole painted "Family" wood plate 9" round painted with lettering
Hibiscus flower ribbon to look like as if
weaved through the wood color choice may be ordered
would be cute standing on a plate stand

Grandma's Growing Garden Plant Pokes
Grandma/Mom Garden Pokes
Tole painted wood flowers
Bright colored
personalized with your
grandchild's/children's name
3" x 3" x12" tall
color choice may also be ordered
Showing all 23 of my Grandchildren in the photo
4.99 each flower ordered

Makes a great gifts !

All of these items and more may be purchased at
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