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Monday, February 7, 2011

Two New Tole_Painted Cookie Jar Lids

Were back sharing two new Cookie Jar Lids with you...
I know, you are so surprised, right ?

Well the Ruffled Heart fits the half gallon jar
$Lid only is $13.99 plus shipping
3/4 " pine wood, Tole Painted with Love
This lid may also be ordered with a special saying...
at no extra cost to you...To order you can see it by clicking on the
1/2 Gallon Cookie Lids button on our website at

We also have a New lid that fits both jars (gallon & half gallon)
gallon is $18.99 plus shipping
1/2 gallon $13.99 plus shipping
3/4 " pine wood, tole painted with Love & some of the ingredients to make cookie,such as Milk, Sugar,Flour,Chocolate,Spice's & Chocolate Chips
with an over sized Chocolate Chip & Cookie
Reads " Baked With Love "
This lid may also be personalized on the Cookie
This lid also can be order for both jars by clicking on the buttons
1/2 Gallon Cookie Lids button &/or Gallon Cookie Lids Button at


As I have stated may times before these Jars & Lids make Great Gifts
They also look Great in Kitchens sitting on your counter or table
with a new lid each month, for the theme of the month
The Glass jars are nice heavy jars....(Not Plastic)
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