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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Color Me Happy Happy Happy

I have had a Snowball Bush for about 15years or so.
It was so beautiful,it had reach a hight of about 8ft tall, and then something happened, it started to slowly year by year getting smaller & smaller.
I have a deal with the plants in my yard that if they don't grow & be pretty they
have to live somewhere else.
Well they all agree and grow so PRETTY....However my snowball bush as I said was getting small, & had bad issues, he was trying to die.
I tried everything I could research to try for him.
Including fertilizers, fungi sides,germi sides, talking nicely & at time very angry, nothing work.
I did not give up even though we had a deal, I kept saying if you don't snap out of it soon, you will have to move, I did this for several years.
So with great regret, we(hubby & I) cut him back clear to the ground. Last fall we tried to move him to see if it would snap out of it. He was so massive when Ed tried to dig him up we had to cut him in half to move his root system.
We transplanted him to 2 different spots in the yard & Yesterday !
he has brand new growth coming up as you can see in the photo's.
So long story shorter can you see me do the Happy Dance ?
PS the other 2 photos are my Bleeding Heart's growing the hearts and I want to share the rain drop's resting on the leaves of last night's rain, on my Columbine

Hope you enjoy, Thanks for reading :0)
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