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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Gardening

As you no I love my yard, working, as well as enjoying it.
Last Friday I was out side all day have a great time
sprucing up flowers, trees, transplanting, you name I was having a blast.
I worked all day !

I have a Salix caprea 'French Pink'(Pussy Willow )
well the information say's it is a small tree....WRONG mine is huge it was 2' tall in 2005 it is now about 10-12 ' tall
Back to my story I was trimming some unruly branches,I tried cutting a branch & it wouldn't cut, so I pushed a little harder on the cutters, & all of a sudden, the cutters came together, and hit both of my hands leaving on my left hand a huge bruise and lump, & on my right a big bruise & lump...
I have been unable to use my left hand until today almost a week later.

Yes I was a big baby & almost cried, I wanted to really bad,
but I was a big girl & didn't...:0)

I am sharing some photos of the massive trunks that this pussy willow has, keep in mind...I will still be doing yard work...But I think Ed will be doing the trimming from now on.

Be safe Happy Gardening !
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