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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Summer Fun Wall Hanging

Our Newest Wall Hanging/Plaque/Sign
I Love Summer to come & this year it isn't coming soon enough for me...
So I desided to paint a sign for front door's, encouraging the sun to shine,
I love to wear my flip flop's & hang on my sun porch soaking up the ray's, so this is
my power of suggestion for the "Sun to Shine"
Summer Fun Wall Hanging
New Fun Summer Plaque
Tole painted on 3/4' pine wood
bright fun playing on the beach
decorated with scrapbook embellishments
suim suit & drink
button embellishments sunglass's & smiley buttons on the flip flops
hangs from twisted wire & raffia bow
16" X 11"
$ 22.99 plus shipping
by clicking on New Products or Plaques Buttons

Have an Awesome Thursday !
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