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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Proud Grandma, Family Love

I am so blessed as a mother to have my 5 wonderful kids, they have brought so much love, joy, sometimes anguish, fun, pleasure, surprise & so much more into my life. As everyone's life get's busy raising their family's, worrying about getting by, jobs Etc. We don't get to spend as much time together, as I would like. We did get to spend an entire weekend together recently and we had a blast. Not all of the grand-kids got to be with us, however we made the best of what time we had together. I got to enjoy just watching My youngest son's kids playing. Stella was getting a little tired & giving her dad a hard time, (she wasn't listening to his request's to calm down)So I talked her into handing me the toy she was playing with at that moment. Stella was playing with a small plastic Woody doll from Toy Story, she brought the toy to me, I was at the dinning room table, so I took Woody stood him up on the table, while I was talking , Stella ask me what woody was doing, so I looked at her & said, well he is thinking, she (Stella)said what is he thinking about, I replied he is wondering where his hat was, Stella said Oh he wants his hat, I replied yes, he wants his hat. Off she goes to get woody's hat for me. Comes back with his hat, I put woody's hat on him & she say's, now what's woody thinking ? I had decided this had turned into a game for her. So I said woody wants to know what Stella is doing ? Stella decides at that point to get a box of toy's bring all the toy's to me, one by one she takes the toy's from the box, telling me Woody is thinking about reading, Woody is thinking about playing his guitar, so for every toy she had in the box, that is what Woody was thinking about. Stella is 3 & I kept her busy for 30 - 40 minutes with a silly little game , that we made up just sitting at the table. I told her dad well, now you know how you can calm her down, when she get's a little out of control. I was so amazed at how much time & thought she had put into that silly little comment I had made about Woody Thinking. As a grandmother of 24 Grand-kids, I have to say our lives are never boring, We was blessed as a family. Kids have to grow up so fast these day's, I treasure the moment's when I get to hold & play with the kids. I am so proud of all of my Grand-Kids all 24 of them
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