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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Painting, DIY Techniques, Decorative Painting Techniques,Tole Painting Techniques

Today I am sharing a few of the tricks, I have learned about in my many years of painting, I love to paint on wood, more than any other medium, however I paint on old milk cans, fabric, paper-mache, canvas and more, So I want to share this with all of you DIY peeps out there. PAINTING ON WOOD 1. If you cut your own wood, that is awesome, I do & it is very fun & sometimes challenging, 2. Transfer you pattern onto the wood, & cut the shape out, sand, I use a belt sander, than with fine sand paper, I use a hand sander. 3. Before you start painting, sand with a piece of fine sand paper 220 grit, then wipe clean using a tack cloth, 4. Transfer your design onto the wood cutout, I do this step by using graphite transfer paper. I transfer all lines, before base painting. 5. Base coat all areas of your project, (HINT : EXCEPT THE BLACK AREAS) I save all black work for the last step in every project, as black tends to smear easily. 6. After base colors dry's use a piece of brown paper bag, to (LIGHTLY) sand the base coat colors, this creates a smooth surface, for painting which makes your projects look awesome when finished. You will need to apply 2-3 coats of base colors, some colors require more coats. 7. After all base coats are applied, now you are ready for the detail that will make your project pop, If you can still see all of the transfer lines great, if not you need to re-transfer those lines so you can see them, now the fun begins 8. Floating, Dry brushing, Stippling, & Lining, all of these steps are easy, even for the beginner painter. 9. When you are satisfied with your results, you are ready for the spray, I use a gloss spray, for everything except primitive items, on those I use a Matte finish. I have added a page of Techniques I use in Decorative Painting Enjoy !
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