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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Today we are very Pleased & Proud to share with all of you some New Whimsy Projects we have added to our Inventory We Have had a great deal of fun letting our Whimsy side think outside the box, just a little from what we normaly paint, we hope you enjoy our New additions as much, as I have had Creating them
Please Feel Free to contact me with questions Have an Awesome Day !

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mother's day Gifts, Whimsy Gifts,Birthday Gifts, Home Magnet, Welcome Signs

How is the weather where you live ? Here in Utah it really doesn't feel much like Spring, It's going to get that way soon, I'm sure so for now I will have to be patient. That's hard to do when I get so cold. Today I am sharing a couple of really fun Wall Hangings that we are doing, We have one that is a 12 Month Home, where the O is a different magnet for each month, It makes a Great Gifts for Mother's Day, Birthday's, Housewarming Gifts, or just for yourself. We also have the one that read's Welcome, & the O in it also has the same magnets there. Instead of just 12 magnets, each comes with 13. You can order here JUSBCUZ DEZNS> We have posted the description here for you to read Home Magnet Plaque Home Plaque with a hand painted wood magnet for every month of the year the photo's are showing how the magnets attach for the O in Home In this collection you receive 13 magnets, including a Snowman Panda Bear,St. Patty's Bear,Easter Bunny, Flower Pot,Watermelon & Hat, 4th of July, Chalkboard,Acorn's, Jack-o-lantern, Turkry & Reindeer the Home board measures 7" Tall X 18" long the magnets are various size's ranging from 3 1/2" to 4" The plaque hangs from Black Leather Lacing $ 66.99 Welcome Magnet Plaque This Welcome Plaque has the same magnets as the Home Plaque, the size of boards are different though This one is 7" tall x 24 " long you still get 13 Magnets with it it is a little more because of the size & lettering In this collection you receive 13 magnets, including a Snowman Panda Bear,St. Patty's Bear,Easter Bunny, Flower Pot,Watermelon & Hat, 4th of July, Chalkboard,Acorn's, Jack-o-lantern, Turkry & Reindeer $ 75.99

Monday, March 31, 2014

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Good Monday Morning Everyone, I hope your Weekend was Awesome. It's a little Chilly here in Utah this Morning, Hows the Weather where you are ? This Morning I am sharing a New Wall Decor Gift, Since Mother's Day is right around the corner. This Wall hanging is a Family Birthday's Chart if you will, that lets you keep track of up coming Birthday's, Plaque Measures 7" Tall X 24 " Long, we went with a Black & White theme, for this Plaques. The Birthday lettering is Scrapbook Embellishments, that are Black & White as well. The Heart on the Plaque itself, are painted black & white checks, & one has polka dots. The plaque hang's from Leather Lacing, the hanging Hearts are where you will add the Names & Dates of Family member's, I include extra S hook's & Hearts for you to add quit a few Names. I have enjoyed making these, for Mom's Grandma's & of course myself. Hope you enjoy and if you have questions please feel free to contact me Have an Awesome Week

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Today we are sharing two new projects, first a Whimsy wood door decor, hangs from twisted wire, with a bright rainbow Bow, then we have a matching Gallon Cookie Jar Lid for the #Anchor Hocking Glass Jars, Don't have a jar, no worries we also have jars. If you like painting your own items, I can also provide you with the patterns to one or both of these projects. Cookie lid is cut from 3/4" Pine Wood & the Door decor is cut from 1/2 " Pine wood. Decorative painted by myself, with Extra Love Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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I realize it's quit a few months away from Halloween, However since I have a year round online store, I get to paint for said store,any Season I have a desire to paint for, I Love painting for Halloween, so I seem to focus more on Halloween than any other Holiday.. I draw, cut & paint all of the designs I create, I have a Whimsy theme, through out my website. Whimsy creations are so much fun, to paint & create, I put ExTrA ExTrA LoVe, in every item I create, so you can rest assured, that your orders will be shipped with Love & care. I have 24 Grand-kids, & quit a few of those 24, really enjoy seeing what Grandma creates, 2 of my Grandsons would kiss each piece when I was finished creating them. Although those 2 grandson's no longer kiss each & every item, then as well as some of the others still enjoy seeing what Grandma is up to next. With that being said, I am sharing today a New Halloween Door Decoration, it could also hang from a tree or wall as well. Items used are Pine Wood, Wire, rusty Tin Bow & Acrylic Paint, once again created with Love, you can order this item here JUSBCUZ DEZNS> By clicking on the New Product or Halloween Buttons Hope you enjoy, have an Awesome Day !

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Painting, DIY Techniques, Decorative Painting Techniques,Tole Painting Techniques

Today I am sharing a few of the tricks, I have learned about in my many years of painting, I love to paint on wood, more than any other medium, however I paint on old milk cans, fabric, paper-mache, canvas and more, So I want to share this with all of you DIY peeps out there. PAINTING ON WOOD 1. If you cut your own wood, that is awesome, I do & it is very fun & sometimes challenging, 2. Transfer you pattern onto the wood, & cut the shape out, sand, I use a belt sander, than with fine sand paper, I use a hand sander. 3. Before you start painting, sand with a piece of fine sand paper 220 grit, then wipe clean using a tack cloth, 4. Transfer your design onto the wood cutout, I do this step by using graphite transfer paper. I transfer all lines, before base painting. 5. Base coat all areas of your project, (HINT : EXCEPT THE BLACK AREAS) I save all black work for the last step in every project, as black tends to smear easily. 6. After base colors dry's use a piece of brown paper bag, to (LIGHTLY) sand the base coat colors, this creates a smooth surface, for painting which makes your projects look awesome when finished. You will need to apply 2-3 coats of base colors, some colors require more coats. 7. After all base coats are applied, now you are ready for the detail that will make your project pop, If you can still see all of the transfer lines great, if not you need to re-transfer those lines so you can see them, now the fun begins 8. Floating, Dry brushing, Stippling, & Lining, all of these steps are easy, even for the beginner painter. 9. When you are satisfied with your results, you are ready for the spray, I use a gloss spray, for everything except primitive items, on those I use a Matte finish. I have added a page of Techniques I use in Decorative Painting Enjoy !