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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hand Painted Original Designs

I am a self taught tole/decorative painter. I receive great pleasure painting on all types of mediums. I love to paint on anything.

In some of my designs I love to stain the wood piece first and then when it's dry paint on top of the stain, if is very easy and fun to do.

All of my designs are original designs drawn by my husband. They can all be purchased already finished as a gift, or you can purchase the pattern packets and create your own.

They can be painted on wood, paper mache, wood cutouts, fabric, tin ware, metal, boxes, plates ect. I also do some primitive painting.

Tole/decorative painting is a very rewarding and relaxing way for me to spend my time.

I encourage you to try using my patterns, all packets come with a list of colors and supplies used, 2 color photos, pattern and painting instructions.

Also if you ever had a question I might be able to answer I include my email address for you to contact me.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing weekend...

This picture I am posting is hand painted on an old shovel and decorated with a fabric bow on the handle. You can purchase this for your holiday decoration by visiting my website @ http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com/
These are a few of my designs. 1st A wood santa on a grapevine star..2nd is a wood santa on a grapevine star...3rd woodsy bear tavernsign and 4th is an adult size canvas apron..

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tole Painting Tips

After base coating, if you use a piece of brown paper bag and sand lightly, this will create a very smooth surface for adding the detail work to your project.
Also if you use Color Float and/or Gel Blending Medium by Delta Ceramcoat it will also make your painting much easier. Follow the directions on the bottles.

I Love Delta Ceramcoat products.....

Happy Painting and Crafting