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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas is in the Air

Wow here it is December 1st already... Christmas is in the air, the hustle and bustle has officially begun...Does any of you ever get tired of all the hype that is now associated with Christmas ?

I know I do, the believe that retail has taken over Christmas, there is so much pressure on what to buy, from holiday decorations, food, gifts, party's, etc that the true meaning of Christmas is completely lost...

Wouldn't it be nice if the world could get back to focusing on that true meaning and stop allowing all of the commercialism to control the holiday...

When our children were small we still did the Christmas thing with Santa and all of the hype, but we didn't go over board, for two reasons we didn't have the money and it isn't about how much you get it's about Jesus.

We made our children's birthdays more special than Christmas focusing on one child at a time.

Christmas should come from the heart not the stores...Everyone should be teaching the spirit of giving...It is a very special thing to teach to give something handmade from the heart....

Our world is to focused on all of the material things out there. Did you ever stop any think about how many homeless and depressed people there are in this world, and the numbers always increase around the holidays...

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas !

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lets Shop Online

Let's Shop Online I have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting very wonderful people who also have online stores, blogs sites, ebay stores and myspace friends. I currently have a top 100 site that is still fairly new, please come join us. I would love you to join my friends list as well,@ www.myspace.com/in2stuff or also @ www.myspace.com/jusbcuzdezins If you have a web store please leave me a comment. I want to hear from all of you. Check out my Friend "Chic Girl" @ http://www.mychicthings.com/

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hand Painted Original Designs

I am a self taught tole/decorative painter. I receive great pleasure painting on all types of mediums. I love to paint on anything.

In some of my designs I love to stain the wood piece first and then when it's dry paint on top of the stain, if is very easy and fun to do.

All of my designs are original designs drawn by my husband. They can all be purchased already finished as a gift, or you can purchase the pattern packets and create your own.

They can be painted on wood, paper mache, wood cutouts, fabric, tin ware, metal, boxes, plates ect. I also do some primitive painting.

Tole/decorative painting is a very rewarding and relaxing way for me to spend my time.

I encourage you to try using my patterns, all packets come with a list of colors and supplies used, 2 color photos, pattern and painting instructions.

Also if you ever had a question I might be able to answer I include my email address for you to contact me.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing weekend...

This picture I am posting is hand painted on an old shovel and decorated with a fabric bow on the handle. You can purchase this for your holiday decoration by visiting my website @ http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com/
These are a few of my designs. 1st A wood santa on a grapevine star..2nd is a wood santa on a grapevine star...3rd woodsy bear tavernsign and 4th is an adult size canvas apron..

A Little About Me

I thought I might share a little about myself with you.

I am a Mom of 5 wonderful grown children, I am a wife, a grandmother of 21 and almost 22 grandchildren.

I have been married to my hubby for 34 years.

I Love to collect coca-cola memorablia. I have a long awaited coca cola family room in my house. I stored coca cola stuff for almost 20yrs.

I am also a self taught tole/decorative painter.

My hubby draws all of my designs that I paint. I Love to create and design new projects. I have a website where I sell my designs.

I also have pattern packets for almost every item I create, I love for others to take my designs and have fun and be creative with them. I also had a store where I live, that I and my 2 daughters helped me with. People would come from all over to see our designs.

When I paint I add lots of detail to my work, I enjoy bringing things to life. The detail makes that possible. I really don't do primitive work, because I do enjoy the detail part of painting.

If you have a chance visit my website take a look, ask me questions, but whatever you do sit back relax and enjoy. I add new items monthly.
This picture is a frog flower pot that I painted for a garden. I attached small wood lady bug buttons. It is also textured with texture builder so the frog is a little textured. Very Cute.
Happy Blogging to all of you, Enjoy and stop back often.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hand Made Gifts for the Holidays

Everyone loves getting handmade gifts. Remember your family and friends by giving a gifts that comes from the heart and made with Love.
I have been tole painting for about 20yrs. I started painting ceramics, then I had a burning desire to Tole Paint, so I taught myself and here I am now designing my own patterns. My husband draws all of our designs and then I paint them on a variety of surfaces.

I have painted on antique milk cans, old books, cases, paper mache, wood plaques, wood cutouts ect.
All of my gifts are made with pride and love. If I am not happy with an item, I don't add it to my website for sale.

The holidays are getting so close, but there is still plenty of time to pick out that gift for a loved one. Visit my website at www.jusbcuzdezins.com
I have alot to offer. And with every paid order, you recieve a free gift.

Happy Holidays !

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tole Painting Tips

After base coating, if you use a piece of brown paper bag and sand lightly, this will create a very smooth surface for adding the detail work to your project.
Also if you use Color Float and/or Gel Blending Medium by Delta Ceramcoat it will also make your painting much easier. Follow the directions on the bottles.

I Love Delta Ceramcoat products.....

Happy Painting and Crafting

Hand Painted Cookie Jar Lid

This is a hand painted wood cookie jar lid. Fits a large glass cookie jar. It can be purchased my clicking on the cowboy or kitchen button on my web site.

We love to make unique wooden gifts for the home. Remember Christmas is just around the corner and everyone loves hand made gifts.

You can find more wonderful gifts at http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com/


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Friday, October 19, 2007


I have been adding new items to my website these past few days.
I have about 20 new pattern packets. All of my pattern packets come with 2 color photos, a list of color's and supplies used, the pattern and instructions for painting.

You can purchase any of my items already finished or paint them yourself .

I tale alot of pride in what I do, so I assemble with wood glue, wire and screws so that things don't fall apart.
I have been painting for over 20years now and I just keep painting.
If you get a chance check out my website, I think you will like what you see.

Monday, October 8, 2007

This is an Antique Milk can that I have hand painted a woodsy bear and trees on...

It is a full size milk can, I have sprayed the can first with spray paint and then painted the scene...

I would love to hear your comments.

Check out my other items on my website


Saturday, October 6, 2007


I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday Morning...

Is it getting cold where any of you are at ? I am in Utah and we have been scraping frost off the windows a couple of mornings now...

I am adding new pattern packets to my website later today, so check it out.

This is a new project I have hand painted on old cedar fence slates.....

If the is any questions about any of them, leave me a comment or and email....

Well I will check in again later.

Pattern Packets

These are just 2 of my pattern packets I have on my website,
I have appx. 42 different pattern packets to choose from.
I also have gifts that are all hand painted original designs.

You can check out my website at
If you want to be freinds and chat you can also check out my myspace page