Jusbcuz Dezins

Sunday, January 20, 2008

This is a Wreath I have for Easter, it is a grapevine wreath with very colorful silk spring flowers, a raffia bow and a 3/4" wood hand painted easter bunny holding an oversized carrot that reads "Hop On In" very cute.
I stained the wood first and then painted over the wood, so the bunny has wood grain showing. I hope you will stop by my website and see all the wonderful items I create. I also have about 200 liks for other craft site as well. Please check them out. You can find them by clicking on the links button.
I will be adding so new Valentines, Easter and Garden Wood Chunkies soon So be sure and check it out.
I will also be adding new cowboy items

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Price and Quality

Wow ! The new year has arrived...I haven't posted for a while so I decided it was time. Once again to post some useful information for craft lovers every where.
While shopping over the holidays I noticed the finished craft items whether they were for decoration or gift items that can be purchased from the "Big name/discount/chain stores" all have the items coming from the orient, are very similar if not exactly the same they are all cheaply assembled with no pride and care, mass produced in large quantity's. So that means you and all of your friends and family and neighbors all have the same cheep decorations and or gifts.
However at Jusbcuz Dezins take great pride in the items we create and sell, There is not one item that leaves or store that hasn't been created and assembled with great love and care, inspected for quality, completely hand made for your enjoyment. We stand behind our items, we want them to last as long as nature will allow, so we use high quality wood for the cutouts we create,(not wafer board or fiber wood of any kind) We seal and treat any item that we paint on making it usable indoors or out. Naturally our products are a little more expensive, but with the quality of materials and work involved in creating each piece makes the price worth it.
We will only sell 6 of any one item before we discontinue and item, We don't want our items to be mass produced, which makes them more unique and insures that all of your neighbors and friends don't have the exact items you have.
Another plus is that you can special order color choice, personalization etc.
We also offer a "free" gift with every paid order.
So we at Jusbcuz Dezins are not a "Big Chain Store" but there again we don't need or want to be. We believe in being unique,original,personal and support small mom and pop stores.
If you want to know more about us you can check out our other sites.
Or you can also learn about us on our My World Page on Ebay
Check us out email us
Hope your New Year is Wonderful !