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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Cookie Lid with Purchase

We have a special offer going on right now for the Holidays, if you purchase 12 or more large cookie jar lids(on one order) you will receive one lid for free. So hurry with your orders we are getting busy filling orders now.
If you wait to long to place your order we can't guarantee delivery before Christmas
Take advantage of this offer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cookie Jar and Lids

We are up to 67 and counting cookie jar lids on our site now
We add new lids on a daily basis. These jars and lids make great wedding, christmas, birthday or any occassion gifts. You can order the lids alone or you can order with the jar and we also have a bundle which we sell 1 lid your choice the jar filled with goodies sealed in a cellophane bag tied shut with the appropiate ribbon. These are very attractive.
We use these as wedding gifts for the weddings we are invited to.
Check us out click on cookie jars and also gifts if you are interested in small glass candy jars
Photos above include 2 new Santas, wore out Jeans with embellishments added, a chubby Reindeer with embellishments added and a pair off pink and brown Cowgirl Boots
Happy Holidays and Thanks to all our Customers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Out For Business !

I have a going out for business campaign on right now. As I have stated before my cookie jars/lids are my number one sellers, I have over 60 lids at this time to choose from and I am adding new lids all the time, I have been painting for about 25 or more years and I still loving to paint. My cookie jars and lid bundles are in my opinion the best gift you can give to someone. I make up a gift bag that includes a large glass cookie jar filled with goodies set inside a cellophane bag that has shredded paper in the bag the jar comes with one lid and then I add around the jar 3 different lids, I tie the bag with appropriate ribbon and then I give it as a wedding present for family and friends. This costs around $90.00, however it makes a fantastic gift, and it looks very impressive. You can check out the bundles I have on my web site that I do the same way as the wedding gifts, they run $38.99 with just one lid they also make great gifts. Then on a smaller scale I also offer the same way Small glass candy jars with one lid and they run $18.99. Check us out at www.jusbcuzdezins.com click on the gifts button for the candy jars and the cookie jars button for the large cookie jar bundles. All of these gifts are great for teachers, christmas, birthdays ect.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy Jar Gifts

These are small glass jars that come with a hand painted wood lid
Jar is filled with goodies and comes inside a cellophane bag tied shut with appropiate ribbon for the lid
They make great teachers gifts or for anyone you want to show appreciation to
The lids I have can also be ordered seperatly so they are enterchangable like the large cookie jar lids
You can see all the lids I offer by visiting my website at www.jusbcuzdezins.com and clicking on the gifts button
i am also adding new lids here as well as the cookie jar lids

Friday, October 30, 2009

Update On Cookie Jar Lids

I have been adding new cookie jar lids to my website www.jusbcuzdezins.com
They are my # 1 selling item. I have 55 different ones to choose from right now and I add new ones almost weekly.
These lids and jars make great wedding and christmas gifts for friends and family
I have something for every month of the year.
I have also added Candy jars that come with 1 hand painted lid which also make great gifts
check us out click on new, gifts and cookie jars to see all of the choices

Monday, September 21, 2009

Garden Buddy's

these are the newest Garden Buddy's they are for outdoor plants very cute and colorful a set of 3 Blue worm orange worm sporting a hat and a green bug the vary in size the appx sizes are 7" 9" and 8"
Blue worm has added colored spots on him, Orange worm is holding a sign that reads" Will work for veggies"and the green bug just has oversized shoes on.
www.jusbcuzdezins.com is where you can see all we have to offer in hand painted original dezins

Update on Stepping Stones

I just wanted to give and update on the hand painted rock stepping stones I have listed This one is no longer avaliable for sale, It has already been sold. I will be adding new ones all the time so no need to worry I will have others. I only do One of a kinds unless otherwise stated.
Check out my website for all my fun new things.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Indoor or Outdoor Plant Picks

These are my new projects I have added to www.jusbcuzdezins.com
They are indoor/outdoor plant picks all hand painted with acrylic paints and sprayed with a gloss finish spray for protection
There sold separately.
There is 8 different ones including a butterfly,hat,garden glove,mushroom house,beehive,ladybug,watering can,worm
adds a little color to your green plants

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Painted Stepping Stones(Natural Rock)

These are my newest items I take real stone and I paint on them for stepping stones for your lawn or flowers. They are one of a kind only so when 1 sells I won't do another one the same. These are hand painted one is various sized mushroom houses bright colored with vine and a lady bug, one is lady bugs and flowers that reads " Watch your step please" and the other is just pink and yellow flowers. I have various sizes and shapes. as you can see by the pictures the mushroom stone is a larger rock. I spray they with a gloss finish spray so they last quit awhile in your garden. I had 1 for myself and it lasted about 15years before the paint started to come off. anyway check out my site www.jusbcuzdezins.com

Candy Jars with Lid

These are Small Candy Jars that come filled with goodies and I lid I wrap them in a cellophane bag and tie the bag shut with appropiate ribbon. First is a Chubby Woodsie looking bear, Cutsie bear is next,then for halloween a Jack-o-lantern he has a small wood knob for his nose, then comes a lady bug and finally a lady bug on top of a peach flower. These make very inexpensive gifts. I charge 15.99@ for them. I hope you enjoy looking at my items from my website and I hope you check it out often I add new items all the time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

More Yard Plants

Baby Empress Tree, Boxwood Hedge,Varigated Enemonyous on Wood Fence,Baby Golden Chain Tree from seeds I grew,petunias around my Tree,1 of 5 Russian Olive Trees,Pussy Willow, ribbon grass and my "swamp"(out house),Trumpet Vine turned into a Tree,All of these are more plants I have in my yard. I have never counted how many plants and tress i actually have but it's alot. Working in my yard is as peaceful to me as my painting that I do. Some day maybe I will take inventory of the # of different plants I have.
I will post again so I hope you enjoy my pics

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have jus posted a few pictures of my yard I love to relax and plant so I have a hugh variety of plants in my yard and very few of them are duplicate plants
I have wisteria vines, trumpet and lace vines, honeysuckel and virgina creeper
Spruce and blue spruce pine trees, Austrain pines and mulberry trees (white and red berrys)
Mock Orange bushes, Locust trees black walnut tree various bushes and flowers I have shade almost all day. It is very peaceful and relaxing
I hope you enjoy a few of my pictures

I have also added a picture of my fire pit that is made from lava rock for the pit and cemented slate rock around the pit