Jusbcuz Dezins

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update for Jusbcuz Dezins+Gift+Hand Painting+Wood

I Just want you to know when you order from my website www.jusbcuzdezins.com every order gets a free fridge magnet with your paid order, that is a $3.99 value. If you order the Cookie Jar Lids 12 or more at a time you get one Cookie Lid FREE. That is a $18.99 value.
We Like to hear back from our customers about their orders and also any suggestions and questions you might have.
I am adding this year promotions to our site and I will be blogging about them here and on myspace and on twitter.
We just had a promotion and the prize was an $18.00 FREE Value Winner(2)
We hope you follow us to catch the "Give Aways" and also to see the new items we add as well
Have a Great Day !

Antique Milk Cans+Painting+Hand Painted+Mediums

I have been painting for about 20 plus years and I like to paint on all kinds of surfaces.
I paint on antique milk cans and I love it, My husband sprays them with a flat spray paint first to seal the can from rusting further (We try and find cans in good shape, but not always possible) and then I hand paint different designs on them.
When painting them it takes a little longer because between the coats of acrylic paints I use you have to allow the paint to dry really well before you apply more or you will take as much paint off as you try to put on.
So painting a milk can takes a little more patients than just a piece of wood or fabric.
Then if a dry brush which is a technique that you use a fabric painting brush and use paint to soften the color, the surface has to be very dry (likes 3-4days) before you do that.
I have painted cows, chickens,pigs, bears and ducks on cans and someone ask me once to paint a halloween can so I gave that a try as well
I am posting some pics of each can just for you to see, I hope you will share your opinions with me
Thanks Shirley

Monday, February 8, 2010

Life's a Beach+Plaque+Sign+Hand Painted

This is a hand painted wood Plaque that reads "Life's A Beach" hangs from twisted wire, has a raffia bow and has scrap bookn embellishments add to the paining they include a hat,Sun glasses, Sun tan lotion, Flip Flops a drink and a Swim Suit. I have a varity of plaques to choose from on my web site with various pricing on them,If you check it out you will see all shapes sizes and sayings. This plaque I sell for 22.95 plus shipping.