Jusbcuz Dezins

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Halloween Wreath & Swag Tole painted & Flowers

We love the fall colors, the mountains are so beautiful.The air is crisp and cool. Leaves are starting to fall from the trees.
Are the Trees turning where you live ?
The stores have all the Halloween candy and Costumes out for sale.
I love the season !
We have this 18" X 20"
Halloween Grapevine Wreath with
3 hand painted smiling ghost's(the base on ghost's are smoked with a candle before finish painting is done)and a tole painted Jack-o-Lantern,he has a big smile and quilted patches on him.
sitting happily on this grapevine wreath, to Welcome all your Fall visitors.
Wreath is decorated with fall colored flowers and 3 clusters of purple flowers
and raffia bow
$ 56.99

Boo Ghost Grapevine Swag
appx size 22" across
2 tole painted wood ghost's and sign "BOO"
fall flower decoration
red, natural and brown raffia bow
$ 24.99

These 2 items are one of a kind, so No One will have the same door decoration this season !
We spray the wood with a gloss finish spray for protection
the entire piece is then sprayed with a spray on glitter.

They will ship in clear gift bags for protection.
Jack-o-Lantern measures 3/4" X 8" X 8"
Ghost's measure 1/2" X 4" X 5"
Happy Fall !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Penny Candy Cookie Jar Lids,Hand Crafted, Love & Care

We are adding 1/2 Gallon Penny Candy Cookie Jars
to our inventory, so now along with the favorite Gallon size, you will be able to get a smaller size that will be a little less expensive.
We are adding them to our website
All of the lids we offer now will still be available, now in both size's
We also will be offer them as the gifts sets as well, like we offer the Gallon size jars.
The 1/2 Gallon wood tole painted lids are $12.99
the 1/2 Gallon Penny Candy Jars are $12.99
The gift set's are $39.99
The Gallon wood tole painted lids are $18.99
the Gallon Size Penny Candy Jars are $18.99
The gift set's are $49.99
The gift sets for both size's of Jars include the following

1 Glass Penny Candy Jar, 2 fridge magnets(themed with the wood lid),Jar filled with
goodies(our choice), inside of a cellophane gift bag, tied with bow(matching the theme of the lid)
Any of our lids may be order as gift set's.
These make Great Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, or any Occasion Gifts.

I personally cut the lid from wood, then prepare to paint, then hand paint each and every lid, I love painting these wood lids and enjoy the process from start to finish, so you receive a very nice hand crafted gift for your self or someones you care about.
Each lid is sealed with a gloss finish spray, so they can be wiped with a damp rag, to keep them clean.
When we send your order to you each and every lid comes shrink wrapped, so they is no damage to the paint in the shipping process.
All of our items may be personalized to fit your decor, or names Etc.
We take a great deal of pride and care in all of our Hand Crafted Gifts and Items
Some of which are 1 of a kind, And also most of our designs after we have hand crafted a dozen of 1 item we discontinue that item.
We like to keep our product line Unique and original. No mass productions of any kind.
So each and every piece is created with the utmost love and care.
We now you will enjoy our product as much as we love creating it for you

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tole Painted Wood Plates + Personalized+Decorative

You can purchase Quality Wood plates Personalized for a Child or Grandchild
The one pictured here is for a Grand-Daughter
Color's may also be ordered special
Due to the size of plates offered
Only 6-7 letters are available
Make great gifts
Wood is sprayed with a gloss finish spray for protection
Stands not included

Personalized Wood Plate
Tole painted personalized wood plate
9" round painted with lettering, flowers and bow
ribbon plated to look like it is weaved through the wood
flower embellishments and brads added
embellishments will vary according to your color choice
color choice may be ordered with the spelling of the name
Hang for your child's room or will be cute standing on a plate stand
stand not included
$ 20.99

Wood Plate "Family"
Tole painted "Family" wood plate 9" round painted with lettering
Hibiscus flower ribbon to look like as if
weaved through the wood color choice may be ordered
Hang for your child's room
would be cute standing on a plate stand

$ 20.99

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do Not Disturb Tole Painted Signs

Have you ever had day's when you just needed some peace and quiet ?
I know I have, So we have come up with some Tole painted
Do Not Disturb Door Signs!
You know like the one's at motels!
We will be adding new Door Signs on occasion
we hope you enjoy them, and feel free to leave us your comments
We enjoy hearing from all of you.