Jusbcuz Dezins

Friday, January 28, 2011

Decorative /Tole Painted Wall Plaques

We are sharing today 3 new wall plaques from Jusbcuz Dezins...
we have a stacked Country Cow's and Pig wall hanging, see how great friends are lifting each other up :0)
This plaque is cut from 3/4" wood, hangs from twisted wire,cow bell & hemp bow,the sweet little top cow has a hemp braided tail, appx. size 14" wide X 8" tall........
$ 20.99 plus shipping
Next up is our Spring wall hanging
She is a yellow watering can with her purple & blue flowers spilling out the top,she has a side smile,hangs from a banner that reads "Spring" hangs from twisted wire & raffia bow.
she measures appx size 17" tall X 11" wide.........Makes a great front door greeting for the up and coming spring season
$22.99 plus shipping
Next we have a simple Patriotic Star.....
hangs from twisted wire with a rusty wire bow, 2 rusty tin star......
makes a great door or wall hanging....Simple and Patriotic
appx size 13" X 10"
$20.99 plus shipping

All 3 items are cut from 3/4" pine wood, hand painted with lots of love and care.
Painting is for me a passion that I have had for over 25 years...
You can order any of these plaques and much much more by visiting our website at
Stop by and take a look, enjoy and let us know what you think...We have a guest book, where you can leave us a comment as well. We love to hear from you.
Have an Awesome Friday !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handmade Cookie Jar Lids--Newest

We are back today adding 3 New Wood Tole Painted Cookie Jar Lids...
We have a Simple retro look, black & white checkered lid, with a wood knob...This lid goes great in my Retro -Coca-Cola Room...I have black and white checked flooring. This lid has so many colors choices, that makes it a great every day lid, Think of all the possibility's...red & white, Blue & white, Yellow & white, just an endless array of colors.
We have a new Simple Patriotic Star
tole painted bright blue, red and white...Very simple to use for the entire month of July...And a new bright yellow watering can, decorated with wood cutout blue & purple flowers...This watering can has a smiley face. This lid can be used for the months of May and June...
We are always creating new lids, as they are our customer favorites...
Our jars are glass and the lids look great sitting in a kitchen, on a counter with a different lid for every month of the year...
We have found they make great gifts for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary's Holidays etc.
Each lid may be personalized and comes with a gloss finish spray for protection...
Gallon size lids are $18.99 plus shipping and half gallon lids are $ 13.99 plus shipping...
We cut each lid from pine wood...Check us out often as we said we are always adding new product, Have an Awesome Tuesday !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sharing New Cookie Jar Lids

We are here today sharing some New 2011 Cookie Jar Lids

We are so excited to add these lids, Since we are a year round store we paint all year long for any season or reason...Painting makes us Happy :0)
All of our lids are personally cut by yours truly, painted by yup you guessed it and then packaged and shipped yet again by me...
Our lids for the gallon size jars are $18.99 each plus shipping and any lid may be ordered with colors and personalization....
We have a New Harley Bunny Lid
GingerBread Chef Lid
Jalapeno and Tabasco Sauce Lid
Chubby Saint Patrick's Lid
We hope if you have any questions you let us know...
Have an Awesome Day

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yard Art Cow Pattern

Our newest yard art pattern is of a, Standing upright brown and tan female cow...
She is sporting a blue a pink bead necklace...she is appx. 3' tall X 15" wide...

We cut her from AC Plywood, Hand paint her and then use a gloss finish spray for protecting our cow from the weather.

Full size pattern is $9.99
small pattern packet is $12.99 which includes a small pattern, 1 photo and painting instructions...
If you are a Cow lover this cute cow has so many different color options she can be painted...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Throw Normal, Caution & Trendy to the Wind !

Starting today off with some chatter.
Let's throw Caution, Normal, & Trendy to the wind today !

Did you know that with hand crafted gift's and decor, you can have things in your home and yard that scream That's Me !
Seriously, think about it, in real life you don't see patches's on pigs, blue or pink elephant's, Well maybe you do LOL, but seriously that's what is so awesome about Tole painting.
I can have anything in my home or yard that I want. My hubby works for a trucking company that hauls milk from the dairy's, and I love cow's ...No not real cow's, but Cute Cow's... like the one's I paint with cute face's, hemp tail's with bow's in their hair etc.
Can you see where I am going with this, I love handcrafted items, and one thing that we offer on our website is the ability for you to have what you like as well.
So with that being said if you want to have a Cow that has pink patches for instance, we can do that for you.
With that being said, I threw "Caution" to the wind, when I created this new yard art project...
Stacked Lady Bug's, with over sized antenna's, heart spot's on their backs and smile's on their face's.
This yard art pattern measures appx. 14" tall X 17" wide
$9.99 full size pattern
$12.99 pattern,painting instructions & 1 photo
We cut our yard decoration from AC Plywood, then after painting seal with a high gloss finish spray.
This Lady Bug Yard Art will look great in a flower garden, on your lawn, even on your front porch or stoop.
Just a thought !
Our's read's " Spring Blessings"
your's can have your house number's, your name Etc.
Throw Caution to the Wind

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easter Bunny Yard Art Pattern

We are adding to our product line this New Year..
Yard Art & Indoor Decor Patterns & Pattern Packets
We are starting off with a
Yard Art Easter Bunny
Pattern is a full size pattern, measuring approx. 38" tall X 22" wide.
Pattern includes just the pattern (full size) $9.99
Pattern Packet includes(small size pattern)1 color photo and painting instructions $ 12.99
The yard art may also be used for indoor decoration on a smaller size version of the same bunny, he will be added to our product line that way as well as a finished item, ready for shipping.
Patterns ship FREE in the USA