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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Gardening

As you no I love my yard, working, as well as enjoying it.
Last Friday I was out side all day have a great time
sprucing up flowers, trees, transplanting, you name I was having a blast.
I worked all day !

I have a Salix caprea 'French Pink'(Pussy Willow )
well the information say's it is a small tree....WRONG mine is huge it was 2' tall in 2005 it is now about 10-12 ' tall
Back to my story I was trimming some unruly branches,I tried cutting a branch & it wouldn't cut, so I pushed a little harder on the cutters, & all of a sudden, the cutters came together, and hit both of my hands leaving on my left hand a huge bruise and lump, & on my right a big bruise & lump...
I have been unable to use my left hand until today almost a week later.

Yes I was a big baby & almost cried, I wanted to really bad,
but I was a big girl & didn't...:0)

I am sharing some photos of the massive trunks that this pussy willow has, keep in mind...I will still be doing yard work...But I think Ed will be doing the trimming from now on.

Be safe Happy Gardening !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Color Me Happy Happy Happy

I have had a Snowball Bush for about 15years or so.
It was so beautiful,it had reach a hight of about 8ft tall, and then something happened, it started to slowly year by year getting smaller & smaller.
I have a deal with the plants in my yard that if they don't grow & be pretty they
have to live somewhere else.
Well they all agree and grow so PRETTY....However my snowball bush as I said was getting small, & had bad issues, he was trying to die.
I tried everything I could research to try for him.
Including fertilizers, fungi sides,germi sides, talking nicely & at time very angry, nothing work.
I did not give up even though we had a deal, I kept saying if you don't snap out of it soon, you will have to move, I did this for several years.
So with great regret, we(hubby & I) cut him back clear to the ground. Last fall we tried to move him to see if it would snap out of it. He was so massive when Ed tried to dig him up we had to cut him in half to move his root system.
We transplanted him to 2 different spots in the yard & Yesterday !
he has brand new growth coming up as you can see in the photo's.
So long story shorter can you see me do the Happy Dance ?
PS the other 2 photos are my Bleeding Heart's growing the hearts and I want to share the rain drop's resting on the leaves of last night's rain, on my Columbine

Hope you enjoy, Thanks for reading :0)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Watermelon/Ants Picnic Set

Sharing today a new Summer Picnic Set of tole painted Watermelons & Picnic Ants...
This set was so fun to create. It can all me ordered as a set, or individual pieces...We are also selling pattern packets for this set/ they can all be seen at JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New Products Button
Picnic Wash Tub Pop Cooler
Tole painted wash tub
Watermelon's & Picnic Ants
fill with ice and add your favorite picnic drinks
Decorative painted on one side
appx size is 9' Tall 14 " Across
would also make a cute flower pot holder
for a favorite plant on your deck
$ 49.99
Toothpick Holder
Tole painted wood
Picnic Ant
hiding after eating all the watermelon
appx size 5"tall
$ 11.99
Picnic Ant Candle Tall
Wood Picnic Ants
Candle has a glass candle cup
cups vary
measures appx 4" wide X 14" Tall
Top picnic ant is holding a piece of watermelon
#3 in a set of 8 Picnic Ant's & Watermelon's
$ 20.99
Sleeping Ant Candle
Wood Picnic Ants
Candle has a glass candle cup
cups vary
measures appx 9" wide X 6" Tall
Sleeping ant resting on a piece of watermelon
#4 in a set of 8 Picnic Ant's & Watermelon's
$ 20.99
Recycled Coffee Pot Utensil Caddy
New project on a recycled coffee pot
measures appx 9" tall
hand painted with an Ant eating watermelon wedges
comes with 3 black utensils
#5 0f 8 piece Watermelon/Ant's set
$ 25.99
Picnic lettering Table Decor
New wood hand painted cutout
reads "PICNIC"
handed with watermelon letters
and Ant's
measures 9" X 12"
#6 in the set of 8 pieces
$ 18.99
Watermelon/Ants Magnets
New wood tole painted
Watermelon Picnic Ants
each may be order
appx size on each is 4"
buy 1 or all 3
$ 4.99
Ant Pot Holders Set
New tole painted Watermelon/Ants
Hot Pad Holders
set of 2 matching all of the New Great Picnic set we have created for summer
Hot pads will vary
$ 15.99
If you have any questions please let me know...
Have a Great Evening !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canvas Tote Bags Hand_Painted

Today I am sharing Canvas hand_painted tote bags that may be used to show everyone you are concerned about the environment...or for diaper bags for young mothers, I have one I painted gardening items on and I use it in my yard wagon when I work in my yard to hold my tissue, water, gloves ETC.
All 3 bags are available at
by clicking on the Canvas/Acrylic Button...

Reusable Canvas Bag/Tote
Canvas bag appx. size 18" wide x 12"
Makes a great grocery bag, book bag, diaper bag ect.
hand painted brown bear with bee's and hives and a bright pink flower
bags will vary
$ 24.99 plus shipping...
Grocery Tote Canvas Bag
Hand painted Canvas Bag/Tote Bag 12" x 12" Food with smiley face's and hands :0) Let this bag carry your groceries home from the store
$ 22.99 plus shipping...
Black Canvas Tote Bag
Mushroom Fantasy Tote Bag
appx. size 13 " X 13"
tole painted
brightly colored mushrooms butterfly, green bug & lady bugs
$ 35.95 plus shipping

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Summer Fun Wall Hanging

Our Newest Wall Hanging/Plaque/Sign
I Love Summer to come & this year it isn't coming soon enough for me...
So I desided to paint a sign for front door's, encouraging the sun to shine,
I love to wear my flip flop's & hang on my sun porch soaking up the ray's, so this is
my power of suggestion for the "Sun to Shine"
Summer Fun Wall Hanging
New Fun Summer Plaque
Tole painted on 3/4' pine wood
bright fun playing on the beach
decorated with scrapbook embellishments
suim suit & drink
button embellishments sunglass's & smiley buttons on the flip flops
hangs from twisted wire & raffia bow
16" X 11"
$ 22.99 plus shipping
by clicking on New Products or Plaques Buttons

Have an Awesome Thursday !