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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patriotic Bear + Wood_Sign, Handmade,Sale,Plaques_Signs

July is coming soon, & today we are offering 3 Patriotic hand_crafted, wood Tole_painted Home decor projects on SALE…Everyone Loves a Sale right ! I personally cute all of the wood for my projects, out of good quality pine, The Chunky Stars I have are cut from 2″ wood hand painted Red, White & Blue, they have 5 wood star cutouts attached with wood glue to them as well, 1 heart reads ” USA “ These come in a cellophane gift bag tied with hemp. you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS by clicking on the Sale Button We are also offering today a Paper Mache’ Star gift box, that includes a Tin Flag & Star and a berry’s & wood star’s plant pick. The Star box has 3 rusty tin stars add to the lid. Also this Star is painted Red, Whit & Blue, read’s ” AMERICA “ you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS by clicking on the Sale Button Last of all we have one of my favorites a 3/4 ” pine wood Patriotic Bear hanging from a 3/4 ” wood banner, banner has 3 Rusty Tin Star added. The Bear & Banner hang from twisted wire, and a Raffia bow attached. The Bear has a wood knob nose comes sprayed with a touch of glitter, this Bear would look Awesome in any Entry way or on a front door. Again order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the Sale Button

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I am sharing photo's of my Cat Pepe' , he is so fun & playful, I got him in Oct. from my son Jason...Pepe' Loves playing in my yard, and Loves catching his own dinner...These photo's are him smashing some new little sprouts of Snap Dragon's coming up, He caught himself a bird & insist's on playing with it in the flowers....After he played with the bird, I guess it was exhausting, because he decided to get on top of a brick wall in my yard and pose for a couple of photo's...I hope you enjoy my Pepe' as much as I do....
...Have an Awesome Week !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gardening+ Yards+Flowers+Trees+Heaven On Earth

I am trying something a little different today, I want to share with all of you my love for gardening ! When I say Gardening, I am not meaning planting vegetables, herbs & stuff like that, I am talking about My Love of Creating in my own yard, my little piece of Heaven On Earth. I have a big yard, and it has taken quit some time getting things planted and growing,loosing plants and trees along the way,which makes me very sad. I believe plants respond well to affection, just as people & animals do. So I talk to my plants, if they are struggling, I tell them if you want to live here you better snap out of it, or you might just find yourself living somewhere else. You Know Pep Talks I have decide to share a few of my favorite spots in my yard I hope you enjoy as much as I do. These first 3 photos are shots take while standing on a wall, I call them air shots
These next photos are of Plants Trees Cubby's(Hang Out's) and favroite things in my Heaven On Earth...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Candles+Candle Holder's, Sale,Country,Kitchen,Wimsey

Are you into Candles ?, well have we got some Hand painted Candle Holder's for you, with a Country Whimsy theme. You can see and order them here JUSBCUZ DEZINS...by clicking on the Sale Button All are hand painted with Extra Love, all come with a candle and sealed in a clear cellophane gift bag tied with a hemp bow ready for gift giving or for your self... we have for your Sunflower/Watermelon theme home Sunflower/Watermelon Candle Wood 2" block tole painted with sunflowers & watermelon has a tulip candle cup candle included measures 4" x 4" x 7" Makes a cute shelf sitter for a country kitchen/home $ 9.99
Next is a piece of bread with a heart in the center, and bow on top Country Bread Candle County Bread Candle Hand_painted with a Red Heart & Black Bow glass candle cup appx. size 4 1/2" X 5" candle cups will vary Makes a cute shelf sitter for your kitchen $ 11.47
Where I live we have those pesky picnic ant's, so we have designed these next two Candle's for that occasion... Sleeping Ant Candle Wood Picnic Ants Candle has a glass candle cup cups vary measures appx 9" wide X 6" Tall Sleeping ant resting on a piece of watermelon #4 in a set of 8 Picnic Ant's & Watermelon's $ 9.99
Our Tall picnic ant holder is one of my favorites, as the top Ant is holding the watermelon wedge up above his head Picnic Ant Candle Tall Wood Picnic Ants Candle has a glass candle cup cups vary measures appx 4" wide X 14" Tall Top picnic ant is holding a piece of watermelon #3 in a set of 8 Picnic Ant's & Watermelon's $ 8.99
If you have any questions, I would love for you to contact me about them. We hope you enjoy our Fun, Wimsey, Country, Candle Holder's Check out our 15 sell items here at http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com, and we would also like to invite you to sign our guest book there as well. Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fabric Covered Scrapbooks,Albums,Photo_Albums,Books

Today I thought it would be fun, to share our Fabric Scrapbooks... We have fun creating these albums, the fabric options are amazing, in all fabric stores. The photos I have here today are of 2 books, with the same fabric, However as you can see,I have mix & matched the books with both fabric's I have choose to use. These two book's were finished with 2 of my kids in mind as a Christmas Gift, last year. It is so fun an easy to create, all you need is quilt batting, fabric,3 ring binder, scissors, poster board & a hot glue gun. When you are finished spray with Scotch Gard to help keep the fabric clean
As you can see they are fun & the fabric you choose, can fit the person you have in mind, to create the book for..... Some I have added pockets to the inside & front of the books,You can also add lace, photo Frames,Tie's to keep the books closed...The possibility's are endless If you have questions, or would like to purchase a book feel free to contact me Enjoy