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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picnic Time Summer Fun !

I love having cook outs and picnic during the summer time.
So I have created two cook out picnic helpers
First is a Wood hand painted tray that you can use to carry all of your picnic supply's on. Treated so if you spill you can still wife clean(NOT FOOD SAFE)you would just use for carrying the necessary picnic gear.
Wood serving tray
hand painted for a picnic
with mustard,ketchup and hotdog
have cute face's
hotdog is holding silverware in his hands
tray vary's appx. size 11" x 14"
$ 35.95
The other is a Hamburger Paper plate holder, This very cute hamburger has a face, pickles,cheese,ketchup,mustard he is holding his utensils ready to go.(Plates Included)
Picnic paper plate holder
very cute non fattening "Hamburger"
holding silverware in his hands
matches the wood picnic serving tray
Brighten up your outdoor picnic's with these cute pieces
Includes 1 pkg. paper plates
hand painted original designs
$ 25.99
These are great party and picnic designs for your summer fun get togethers !

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping Diva Canvas Tote/Plaque's

Shopping Diva Tote Bag/Canvas
"Shopping Diva"
canvas tote bag
hand Painted white, pink and black
with Stiletto shoe, Flip flops, Beads, Nail polish, Perfume, Lipstick, Hand bag and more
Great gift for someone, or just for your shopping trips
appx. size 14" x 14"
lettering-diva, shopping, girly and pink
$ 24.99
Gurly Girl Plaque
Gurly Girl plaque
appx. size 7" x 14"
hangs from black leather lace
pink,white and black
Plaque matches the Diva Tote
hand painted with socks, high heels, nail polish,hat etc.
Flowers and bow will vary
$ 20.99
Retro Diva Plaque
Oval wood plaque
Appx size 12" x 14"
Stained wood and hand painted with pink and brown retro diva
wearing a hip hugger skirt
pink and brown stripped bustier
60's hippy flowers also pink and brown
ankh necklace
picture hanger on the back to hang from
$ 21.99

I decided to try some fun different types of dezins this time and these are 3
new projects I have added.
The diva tote bag and plaque are hand painted pink, black and white, and the Girl Plaque is hand painted pink's and browns.
You can email me with your order and I will bill through paypal, or you can go to Jusbcuz Dezins and order there !
I hope you enjoy my new designs !
Thanks for coming by !

Monday, May 10, 2010

4 Painting tips for Antique Milk Cans+Hobby+Crafts

Did you know to paint on an old milk can all you have to do to prepare the surface for painting is these easy steps
#1 wash the entire can with soapy water
#2 wipe down the can with rubbing alcohol
(this will remove any residue on the can that may prevent the paint from sticking)
#3 Spray or brush a rust preventer on the can
#4 Spray the can with a background color before you paint your design on the can

I will add some cans I have painted(not all milk cans)For you to get an idea of what I have done.
I want to share with you the spray paint used on the skull can was a textured black paint, so it isn't a smooth surface.

When I decide on what I want to paint on the can, I decide the background color.
I use craft acrylic paint to paint all of my cans.

when you paint you need to allow the paint to dry for a few days between coats of paint, some of the techniques I use tend to rub the paint away if I don't wait.(like dry brushing for highlights)
Then when you have finished all of the designs you want on the can, I spray usually with a flat or matte finish spray to protect my designs.
I sell all of my cans I paint.
I do consider trades as well.
If you love painting and have not tried painting on a can, you should give it a try, it's challenging and very fun. When you have finished you can see a wonderful piece that is nice for any garden, stoop, decoration and so on.
you can see or purchase any of these cans @

Saturday, May 1, 2010

UPDATE ! May Special+Spring Plaques+Welcome Ending Soon

From now until May 31st we are having a Special on 2 of our "Spring Plaques"

1/2" wood hand painted appx size's 10" x 12" hangs from hemp...
Stained wood then painted, Ivory with a country blue pot/watering can.....
Has yellow flowers with brown plaid centers.....
$19.99 with 10% off

Our second plaque

1/2" wood hand painted bright and cheerful ....
has over sized frog, pink bird, and country blue watering can...
appx size 8" x 12" hangs from twisted wire.......
has a raffia bow and 2 small wood pots hanging from the bow
$22.95 with 10% off

To get the 10% off enter event in the coupon spot in our Secure Shopping Cart
at http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com
Feel free to email me with any questions you have
Have a Wonderful Day !