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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May Special+Spring Plaques+Hand Crafted Welcome

From now until May 31st we are having a Special on 2 of our "Spring Plaques"

1/2" wood hand painted appx size's 10" x 12" hangs from hemp...
Stained wood then painted, Ivory with a country blue pot/watering can.....
Has yellow flowers with brown plaid centers.....
$19.99 with 10% off

Our second plaque

1/2" wood hand painted bright and cheerful ....
has over sized frog, pink bird, and country blue watering can...
appx size 8" x 12" hangs from twisted wire.......
has a raffia bow and 2 small wood pots hanging from the bow
$22.95 with 10% off

To get the 10% off I bill through paypal, so you will need to contact me for that information...My Secure Shopping Cart at this moment does not figure discounts
Feel free to email me with any questions you have
Have a Wonderful Day !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Boo-To-You" Instruction/Pattern Book

This is Tole painting,pattern and instruction book that Easl published for us a few years back...
We have 3 books left and they are $10.99@ plus $3.95 shipping...If you would like a book you will have to email me so I can bill through paypal...There is 20 projects and patterns in our book...We hope you enjoy it...crzyldee06@yahoo.com

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharing My Tattoo

I wanted to share my tattoo with you.
My oldest daughter has learned the art of tattooing and so I had her draw one of the flowers in my yard and then tattoo it on my right leg with my leo sign on the vine she put around the flower.
OMG it hurt so bad, my first tat didn't hurt that I can remember, but this one really did hurt. I thought I would share with you, as she is getting very good and her talent. I also have 2 sons that tattoo, but as of yet haven't had them give me one yet.
I know some of you hate tattoo's but I look at them as another form of art.
I wanted to say I was not going through a life crisis when I got this I am almost 54 and I got this last years because I wanted it period. No crisis, no had to prove anything just got it.
I hope you like it as much as I do

Fabric Painting Tip

I just want to share with you something I have learned over the years of my painting,
This is a few things about painting on fabric.

If you have purchased an item like a bandanna, apron or tote or anything like that to paint on, you need to wash the item first to remove all the sizing that the manufacturer ads to the product, then dry your item without any softener in your dryer.

Now if you free hand your pattern onto your item good that is great, I can't do that. I have no idea why, because I draw the pattern on paper first, but to drawn then same pattern right to the item, it makes me nervous. So I use Iron on transfer pencils for most everything I do.
Tip however remember not to transfer lettering because it will be backwards when you iron it so always trace it backwards to start with.

Did you know you don't have to have fabric paints to paint on fabric ? I know cool huh !
I use Textile Medium you mix that with your acrylic paint and you turn your acrylic's into fabric paints. It's so easy to do. Follow the directions right on the bottle.

When you have finished painting your design, I always wait for about 2-3days and then I place a towel over the painted area or turn wrong side out if possible, and Iron to set the paint.

I am posting a different projects here for you to see that I have painted I hope you enjoy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trade or Sell Antique Milk Cans+Painted+Tole+updates

I am a self taught painter as I have stated before, and I Love to paint new things all the time. I would love to see the work you do as well, I am posting a few photos 2day of Old Milk Cans I have painted on. The antique milk cans get harder to find all the time. I charge a pretty penny for the ones I paint on as I have had to pay a hefty price to get my hands on the cans. I do however Trade a can painted for a can for myself. I hope you enjoy my photos.Please leave comments we love hearing from you>You can see all things we design and Paint at http://www.jusbcuzdezins.com

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Color Me Happy Spring Event

We are having a "Color Me Happy" Spring Event

I have 3 items listed that I am running a 20% OFF discount on
I Happy About Spring
These Items I can only bill through payapl as my website shopping cart DOES NOT have a discount button
So if you are wanting an item email your invormation to be @ crzyldee06@hotmail.com and I will bill through paypal

Regular Price
Spring Blessings $24.99 Wood hand painted bright blue bird hangs from wire and has a wood banner that reads"Spring Blessings
Freinds Gather Here Moose $24.99 Woodsy theme wood hangs from wire and a banner that reads "Friends Gather Here"
I Love America Candy Jar $18.99 Candy jar comes filled with goodies inside a cellophane gift bag and tied with a fabric bow
Please fill free to call me or email any questions
Shipping for any of the items is $7.99in the USA

Friday, April 2, 2010

Color me Impressed+Update+Techinques

To add another tip for painting brushes can be very expensive, and your painting is only as good as your brushes are, that being said how do you take care of you brushes I mean cleaning and storing them. Ok my brushes here are well used, it's time to down grade and get new ones the handles on these leave a lot to be desired. Am I right. My brushes have to many hours of use to count. Even so I take very good care of the bristles, there is nothing that makes me more angry when painting than a bad brush :0(
I have 2 photos of my painting area on a project I was just finishing up.
You see my paint towel all covered in paint, my brushes a complete mess.
My brushes are soaking in a bowl of rubbing alcohol.
I use rubbing alcohol(in a glass bowl) to clean my brushes in between different colors of paint.
first rinse them in water, then the alcohol. When you are all finished painting like you see I finished the frog, rinse your brushes completely in water then clean them in the rubbing alcohol work them in a back and forth motion in the palm of your hand. Trying not to strain or mess up the bristles. then as you can see I store my in side a cup or jar bristles up obviously to keep the ends perfect.
Happy Painting !