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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink & Green Mushrooms, Think Pink, Cookies,Lids,Wood

It's been a little minute, since I was here posting :0(...
Life get's so so soooooooo Busy
Well today we are back sharing two new Cookie Jar Lids...
or Multi Purpose Jar Lids, Or Candy Jar's or what ever you can think of Jar Lids...
Our theme seems to be pink today, hope you enjoy
First Up !
Knob Nose Sugar Cookie Lid
When ordering your jar lids
make sure you order the size to fit your jar
gallon size lids have a different size opening
than the Half Gallon size jar
Even if your jar doesn't
hold cookies, this is a cute lid to have
pink frosting cookie with a knob nose
& a smile on her face
$ 18.99 plus shipping
you can order hereJUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New Products Button, or the last page of the Gallon Cookie Lids

Second we have for your pleasure

Pink/Green Mushroom Lid
When ordering your jar lids
make sure you order the size to fit your jar
gallon size lids have a different size opening
than the Half Gallon size jar
Pink mushroom has a face
brown patch's
green mushroom has a ladybug sleeping on it
Great lid for any Spring month of the year
18.99 plus shipping
can be ordered here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New Products Button, or the last page of the Gallon Cookie Lids

We have changed the way the lids are displaying on our site to make it easier when ordering.
If you have the gallon or half gallon jars just use the drop down box to select the size lid you need...
Hope this finds you all well today have a great one

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sale Sale Sale, Hand Painted Gifts, Handmade, Crafts

We have 29 Items we have marked down to 50% OFF...
On our website JUSBCUZ DEZINS
You can click on the Sale Button to see all available items...These are ONE ONLY so if you decide to order, Remember that when placing the order...
We are sharing a few photos of the items here today
...If we can help you with questions please feel free to contact us...
This is just a few...All 29 can be order and seen here... JUSBCUZ DEZINS Just click on the SALE BUTTON

We hope you have a Great Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girl's Room Wall Hanging,Plaques,Personalized Name Pllaque

We are sharing today's project...
Girl's Room Personalized Wall Hanging...
Girls Room Name plaque
Check out our newest
personalized name plaque
appx size 9" X 10 "
hand painted girl's room sign
Personalize with your child or grandchild's name
hangs from twisted wire
has a bow & hemp bow added
bow for your color scheme
let us know when you order
your color choice & name
$ 19.99 plus shipping you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New product Button
be sure you let us know when ordering your Name & color choice
Have an Awesome Evening !

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Teachers Appreciation,Pencil Holder,Desk Decoration

Our Second idea for Teachers Appreciation Gifts...
Pencil Teachers Gift
Teachers Appreciation Gift
pencil holder hand painted both sides
holds 3 pencils(included)
appx size 7" Long X 3 1/2 " Tall
(not including the standing pencils)
Great Teachers Gift for the Holiday's
$ 12.99
can be ordered here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the Gifts or New Products Buttons

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Teachers,Apple,Chalkboard,Glue,Pencil Holder

We have been getting ready to do a craft fair,
here in Delta Utah on Saturday...So we wanted to share our newest,
Item we have.
Great Teachers Gift for the holiday's.....

Teachers Pencil Holder
Teachers Appreciation Gift
holds 5 pencils
hand painted Chalkboard,Apple & Glue
layered to stand.
your child's Teacher can sit this on a shelf
or desk.
painted 2 sided, glued together
for added decoration twisted wire,
also holds the pieces together
leaf is also attached by wire
photo shows front & back
Pencil's included
approximation on size 5 " Tall X 9 " Long
$ 13.99 plus shipping
you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the Gifts or New Products Button

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanksgiving Pilgrims,Wall Hanging

Have you ever had one of those days, when you wanted to put your PJ's
on, & just lay on the couch watching cartoons ?
Well I have & that's what I should have done, instead of finishing this project.....
I was struggling doing a simple 1 hour project, turning it into an all day struggle :0(
I decided to finish anyway and so here it is...
Thanksgiving Pilgrims Wall Hanging
Cut from 1/2" & 1/4" birch plywood
Thanksgiving Pilgrims, hand painted with acrylic paints.
The pilgrims have raffia bow ties, wall hanging hangs from, twisted wire with a raffia bow
measures overall size 10" X 11" wide plaque itself is 10" X 7"
The Pilgrims are cut from 1/4 wood & attached with wood glue
You can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New product or Thanksgiving Buttons
Hope you enjoy
Have a Great Monday !
P.S. and Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Goth Girl Cookie Jar Lid

Tonight I am sharing a new different project with all of you.
I tried my hand at a little different, less cutesy cookie jar lid.
Still in my opinion Cutesy, but a little on the darker side if you will.
I woke up this morning thinking I wanted to spice things up, so here you have it,
My version of Goth drawn & hand painted by myself " Blue Angel Goth"
cookie jar lid...
She is on a Black Heart, sporting a bleeding heart choker
Once again our cookie jar lids are our # 1 selling item, so we decide to give you something a little different.
Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome 12 Months Wall Hanging, Magnets

Today's Project is a Wall hanging....12 piece's cut from 1/4" birch wood, 1 piece cut from 3/4" pine wood.
Hand painted & drawn by " Yup " you guessed it... me, snicker snicker...
I have twisted wire on the top to hang from, each piece for the month, hangs by a magnets. (strong magnets)
set includes January-Snowman, February-Valentine, March-Shamrock, April-Easter Eggs,
May-Flower, June-Watermelon, July-Patriotic Flag, August-School Chalkboard, September-Scarecrow, October-Jack-o-lantern, November-Turkey & December-Reindeer...
All monthly pieces have added button embellishments(all embellishments vary).
I have tried to show in the photos each of the monthly hangers, so you can see what each is.
We hope you enjoy, as we had fun creating this project.

OOPS ! 1 more thing it is all sprayed with a gloss finish spray & some pieces have a little glitter spray...A little bling :0)
you can order here, JUSBCUZ DEZINS
by clicking on the New Product Button

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Thanksgiving Plaque & Cookie Lid

We are sharing here tonight today's 2 new Thanksgiving Projects
As always a new cookie jar lid cut from 3/4" pine wood, hand painted with Acrylic paint, and decorated with fall button embellishments...
Thanksgiving Bear Cookie Lid
New Thanksgiving Bear Cookie Jar Lid
fits the gallon & 1/2 gallon jars
brown & tan
with orange hat band
fall embellishment buttons
embellishments vary
hemp bow on his collar
$ 18.99 plus shipping...you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS by clicking on the New Products Button...Next Up !
We have a Birch wood Plate appx size 11" a Wimsey Bear & crow hand painted also with Acrylic paint...
Fall Blessings Birch Plate
New birch plate
hand painted with acrylic paint
orange, tan, brown & green
bear holding a black crow
fall button embellishments
(embellishments vary)
curled wire trim appx size 11"
comes with a plate stand for displaying
$ 28.99 plus shipping, you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS by clicking on the Thanksgiving Button or the New Products Button....
Have a great week
Happy Creating to All

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Plaque Hand Painted

Today's Sick Day Project !
Birch wood plaque for Thanksgiving, cut from 1/4" wood and hand painted with Acrylic paint, orange,tan,brown, yellow & green. Turkey has 3 patches on his body. reads " GIVE THANKS ",
hangs from twisted wire, has fall button embellishments, and burnt orange, green & natural raffia bow. appx. size 9" X 10" comes sprayed with gloss finish spray
you can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS
By clicking on the New products Button

Monday, October 3, 2011

3Piece Christmas Set, Santa,Elf & Reindeer

Jumping around here today,from Halloween to Christmas... we have a set of Christmas shelf sitters for a window, fireplace mantel ETC....We only have this ONE set do if you like them you must hurry "LOL" you can order them here JUSBCUZ DEZINS

by clicking on the Christmas Button to the left
3-Piece Chunky Christmas Set
This is a 3 piece set of chunky
2" wood christmas shelf sitters
Set includes a reindeer, santa and santas helper
very cute holiday decoration
Appx. size is 7" Elf, 9" reindeer & Santa is 8"
We have added scrapbook embellishments to them, and a hint of glitter

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frankenstein Yard Art

We are happy to share, Our newest Yard Art " FRANKENSTEIN "
he is cut from 1/2" birch wood
3' Tall,Layered pieces for dimension
hand painted & drawn by Shirley Harris
makes a great yard decoration
we spray all of our designs with a gloss finish spray, for protevtion.We are also offering the pattern for the DIY people
use the misc button to order the pattern
we used orange,green,purple's...You can order here JUSBCUZ DEZINS by clicking on the Halloween Button or the Misc. Button if you are interested in the pattern...We love Halloween, so we have lots of ideas :0)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Witchy Wanda Halloween Decoration

Sharing our newest Pattern & or Finished Project...
A must have for the Halloween season, our new birch wood 3' tall Witch hand painted bright greens, orange, purple & black with her cauldron, of bubbling frog.
She will look great on your front porch or in an entry way. she has tole painted wood star cutouts on her dress & hat, and button embellishments on her hat band...She is the only 1 available so hurry before she is gone...Plus we are offering FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA if ordered before the 5th of October 2011....That is a great deal....
If you are a "DIY" you can order the pattern here...JUSBCUZ DEZINS...By clicking on the Misc Button...
If you want her finished so you can just display her for the season you can also order her now through an email to me...TO RECEIVE the FREE SHIPPING DEAL...
or order here here...JUSBCUZ DEZINS...By clicking the Halloween Button...
Hope you enjoy Witchy Wanda & her side kick Froggy simmering in the cauldron :0)