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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sharing/Blasting/posting Links

This is a different blog than what I usually do ,
What I want to do here today is share links with our readers and friends,

If you have a Blog, Website, Facebook Fan Page, Etsy, Ning , Myspace or any other
type of page you want to have listed here please let us know we would love to post
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I will start with mine :
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drugs,Ads,TV,FDA, Ramblings

Just a few rambling thoughts here today ! About DRUGS Legal or Otherwise !
Our government has a department called the FDA Food and Drug Administration
the drugs that the drug company's sell are approved by that department the FDA

Our TV ad's alway's state approved by the FDA
leading you to believe that
Go ahead take this drug it won't harm you WHY ?
because the FDA has approved this drug !

All of the side effect's from taking this drug IN MY OPINION
are far worse than what you are trying to cure, so why trade off 1 issue for
a whole list of more issues ?

And if that's not bad enough, after the FDA approved drug hits the market
for a few years, we see yet another TV ad where you get to take legal action
if you took a FDA approved drug because they decided Oh wait that drug isn't safe after all.

Seem's to me that we should wake up and quit believing in drug companies and also quit taking to heart everything we see on TV as gospel and decide for our selves that we are not quinine pigs for the FDA to be messing around with us.

Oh wait is it just the FDA ? No "IN MY OPINION" it is also the drug companies and there drug rep's

These drug rep's go to DR's and pass out samples of drugs to DR's and then Dr's pass out these drugs to us.
I In no way believe that every thing is bad, but here again when you see yet another ad on TV suggesting to you

Do you have this symptom or that symptom you should ask your Dr to prescribe this drug to you.
Well do you see something wrong with this picture ?
I do we wouldn't be asking for a drug from our DR by name if here again TV had not suggested to do so.

I have an issue with drugs because a personal issue of my own with prescribed drugs,
Come on people we are killing our bodies and minds by taking all this so called FDA approved drugs.

We should be allowing our bodies to heal themselves or researching natural remedies, not running to the drug store and certainly not asking our DR's for drugs by name, that didn't happen when I was a young child .
We are teaching our children in schools to say no to drugs, while all the while we are running to our DR's for every drug out there. So how can you teach our children to stay off of drugs?

Please think about that !

I know this will make some of you reading it very angry, and that is not my intent, I just want you to think for a few moments about what is being suggested to us on a daily basis. That's all.
There may very well be things that have to be prescribed from time to time, my issue is with the asking for drugs, and then the approved FDA drugs that later seem to have been harmful

Please feel free to leave comments I would love to hear your thoughts

Have a great day !