Jusbcuz Dezins

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harry Lauder Walking Stick 'Contorta'

I wanted to share a very unique Small Tree or Shrub with you...
I have had this unusual tree for about 2 years now, maybe 3, they are so awesome but pricey to buy... However they are so interesting, the trunks & branches are all contorted & twisted and in spring they grow these leaves that look like they are suffering from a lack of water.
I got mine because I wanted and interesting piece in my yard that would look great in the snow, after all the leaves have fallen off. I have my Harry in my front yard, so people driving by when he gets bigger, will have an unusual thing to look at.
When I purchased mine I had no idea they had leaves, I had only got to see the winter form, & it was so impressive to me, I wanted one for myself. Having seen they are also green is a plus as well.
my Harry is about 3' tall so far, I honestly have no idea how fast they grow, but they are worth the price.
I hope you enjoy my Harry as much as I do...